Man hacked to death in Kerala by eight bike-borne assailants

First Published 9, Sep 2017, 7:35 PM IST
man hacked to death Harippad
  • Eight member gang attacked the victim in front of his house
  • The gang members arrived on bikes and created a ruckus in front of the house
  • Two brothers of the victim and his relative suffered injuries while trying to rescue Lijo

In yet another case of quotation attack, a Harippad native was hacked to death in front of his house. Bike borne assailants attacked Lijo Varghese, 29, in front of his house and unleashed terror in the areas. 

An eight-member gang arrived on the bikes past midnight and smashed everything they found outside the home. Lijo and his family members came out to check after they heard the ruckus outside the house. Then team members attacked Lijo. 

The team members were wearing masks, and so none of them could be identified. The victim was singled out of his family members and hacked him in front of his relatives who tried to save him. 

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The brothers of the victim and a relative tried to stop the assailants and suffered injuries. They have been admitted to hospital. 

The police have registered a case, and it is assumed that it was a revenge crime.