Kerala state tourism has taken a hit after the government changed their liquor policy. As a result, the LDF ministry is making some changes to the existing liquor laws. The changes will be announced after the Mallapuram by-election. By rectifying these policies, the state government is hoping to revive Kerala tourism.


CGH Earth Group CEO Jose Dominic expressed his disappointment as he felt that the Kerala tourism has lost to other states because of their existing liquor policies in the state.


“Kerala as a tourist destination has lost out in the last 2-3 years after it was announced only five-star hotels will serve liquor. The Kerala model of tourism went for a toss,” Dominic was quoted as saying by the New Indian Express.


“At one-stroke, Kerala became a 5-star hotel based tourism destination, which the state never was, and never will be,” Dominic added.


Sri Lanka, Rajasthan and Goa have gained from their state liquor policies. The foreigners have not been opting for Kerala for quite some time and that is not good news for the state. Thus, the ministry has buckled up and are making these positive changes.


The Association of Approved and Classified Hotels of Kerala has submitted a wish list to the Kerala state government.


They have requested the government to allow a liquor license to all classified and approved hotels after paying a luxury tax of minimum ₹ 6 lakh every year. Allow liquor to be served in multiple restaurants, banquet halls, poolside and rooftop of hotels, resorts and bars without paying any additional fees.


They have also requested to reduce the per-day license fee to ₹ 10,000. Approve beer and wine license to classified and approved restaurants at a much lesser fee. These were few of the suggestions and the government is likely to take these seriously and implement them in near future.


“This will definitely help in creating employment and revenue to the state,” The Association president G Gopinath said.