It’s not guns, terrorism or any other force but a Malayali man that has forced the Pakistan government to become worried.

One letter by Kerala-based Physics professor Babu Kalayil seems to have the Pakistani Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority (ERRA) taking notice, whereas, the same letter was sent to Prime Minister Modi’s office and no one seems to be bothered here.

A report in the BBC Urdu website refers to Babu Kalayil’s letter about the prediction of earthquake and tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

Kalayil's letter dated September 20, 2017 to Modi says that Indian Ocean will face an earthquake December 31, 2017. The vigorous quake will supposedly affect Asian continent majorly. Kalayil, who writes in the letter that he belongs to the BK Research Association for ESP, has also mentioned that 11 countries including Pakistan, India, China, Japan and more will be affected. He goes on to say that the Gulf countries will also bear the brunt of the same. He also predicted a Tsunami and the Seeshma storm. He says his observations are based on ESP (extra sensory perception or sixth sense). 

Kalayil has, over the years, through his ESP faculty made "predictions" on the movement of planetary bodies, including collision between celestial objects, earthquakes, unusual rise in temperature and the like. He claims to have predicted even the major earthquake that caused the tsunami in December 2004, exactly two months earlier, claims a report in The Hindu.

Kalayil had predicted, again using ESP, sounds similar to thunder emanating from Titan, one of the 10 moons of Saturn. It was in October, 2004, that he made this prediction, which was confirmed on January 16, 2005. Predictions made on the basis of ESP usually do not have many takers, mainly on account of the fact that they are not supported by proper scientific data or established theories.

In Pakistan, the letter gains importance because the subject line mentions the ISI and it appears if the country’s Intelligence Wing has brought the matter to the government’s notice. Not to mention the December period in most years has seen some kind of natural calamity hit the Asian continents. 

The veracity of claims cannot be scientifically verified as well the authenticity of the letter which uses Babu Kayalil’s name. The scientific community, however, has dismissed his claims as ‘ridiculous’.