C Pradeep, a painting worker at Pookkottumpadam, did 99 push-ups in 60 seconds in his attempt to enter the Guinness World Records and Limca Book of Records.

According to the Guinness World Records, Ron Cooper from the USA holds the current record after doing 91 push­-ups in December 2016. Ron achieved the feat by breaking the record set by KJ Joseph from Erumeli, who did 82 in January 2016.

Kerala can now reclaim the record once Pradeep's feat becomes official. The video and other details related to his record-breaking turn have been sent to the Guinness and Limca offices.

A former football player, Pradeep has been a painting worker for over 30 years. The event showcasing his performance was organised by the painting workers of Amarambalam as part of May Day. PV Anwar MLA and panchayat president C Sujatha attended the event.

Check out the video of Pradeep's record-breaking feat here: