Now, Tipplers in Kerala will have to pay more to get their pint of booze. The Kerala State Beverages Corporation (Bevco) has decided to increase the price of liquor with a massive slump in its revenue following implementation of Supreme Court order. 

Bevco has decided to raise the price of most popular brands by ₹40 to ₹100. The Corporation faced ₹100 crore loss during April, and it is estimated that the amount will cross ₹200 crore by the end of May. Bevco approached state government seeking price hike, and their request was approved. 

The increased price will be effective from June 1. 

The Corporation has stated that the decision was taken after an increase of warehouse margin in retail sale. Further, several outlets were shut down in compliance with Supreme Court order as it failed to find a proper place to relocate. This resulted in massive losses to the Corporation every month. 

With the latest move, consumers will have to pay about ₹1500 for a premium brandy while whisky will cost about ₹1000 and rum, ₹750. 

Bevco plans to earn the profit by increasing its commission from 24% to 29%. The price of most popular brands, now sold between ₹500 and ₹1000 will increase by ₹40 to ₹100. 

The Corporation had not been able to open 90 outlets that were shut down while implementing the court order.