Kerala lawyer gives 'quotation' after man honks at him in parking lot

First Published 8, Sep 2017, 3:25 PM IST
lawyer give quotation to attack engineer honking
  • A leading lawyer gave quotation to goons after an engineer honked at him
  • The goondas attacked the engineer with iron rods and suffered multiple fractures
  • The police have arrested two persons who confessed that they got quotation from the lawyer

Kerala police have arrested two persons in connection with a case in which Gireesh, an engineer, was attacked. The arrested persons had beaten the engineer using iron rods and broke his hand.

Police have found that the goondas carried out the attack after getting a quotation from a leading advocate in Ernakulam. The engineer had two fractures on his hand and had to undergo emergency surgery.

The arrested are identified as Sabu Wilson, a native of Valakkavu, Manjamattam, and Kaplangad Ajeesh from Parannur in Kechery, Thrissur. The duo confessed to police that they got the quotation from the advocate. 

The incident took place on September 3. The lawyer had parked his car blocking the vehicle of Gireesh in front of a shopping mall at Sakthan Nagar, Thrissur. 

Gireesh honked to alert the driver of blocking car, but instead of moving out of the way, the lawyer came out and lashed out resulting in a heated argument. After a verbal clash, the lawyer drove away in his car. However, Gireesh found that another vehicle had followed him to his apartment. Sabu and Ajeesh were in the vehicle, and they stopped the engineer at the parking lot of the building and attacked him with an iron rod. 

Gireesh was admitted to hospital with multiple fractures. Police said that the arrested were members of a gang indulged in the confiscation of vehicles from owners in case of defaulted loan repayment. Sabu is also accused in the murder of BJP leader Pradosh in Palakkad.