An anonymous phone call to the assistant commissioner's office helped the Kozhikode police find hawala money worth Rs 50 lakh from a car they seized near Kunnamangalam last week.


The cash was hidden in two bags in a compartment near the radiator under the car's bonnet.


The Kunnamangalam police had taken the vehicle into custody last week after seizing Rs 2 lakh from Koduvally natives Yusuf and Jamsheer who travelled in the car. The cops had searched the car for more money but didn't not find any.


Yusuf and Jamsheer were let out on bail the same day, and the police were all set to let the car go too as all legal proceedings were complete.


However, Kozhikode North assistant commissioner EP Prithviraj got an anonymous tip-off on Tuesday, claiming the car had more money hidden inside. The police then examined the car once again with the approval of the Kunnamangalam court, and found Rs 50 lakh under the bonnet.