Hashim and wife Habiba, who reside in Kummanam near Kottayam, and their new Wagon R car have vanished without a trace, leaving the local police perplexed.


The couple left the house on Thursday after the hartal hours ended. The two left their mobile phones, cash and all ID cards including driving licence at home, making tracking them difficult.


Hashim ran a stationery store near their house. The couple has two children -  Bilal and Fida.


Hashim's parents claimed he informed them that they would soon be back with dinner, while eldest child Bilal said his parents told him they were going for a short drive in the new car. Hashim's parents have filed a missing case with the Kumarakom police, while the relatives looked for the couple at the pilgrimage centres nearby. 


It is understood that Hashim had suffered from depression following his mother's death and had undergone treatment for the same t a mental health care centre.