A man seemingly of Italian descent walked into the St Matthew Catholic Church and challenged the priest that he couldn't lead mass because he was Indian.


They began to argue and the man used a kitchen knife to stab Rev Mathew in the neck in the front of dozens of stunned parishioners.


According to a report in the Herald Sun, Rev Tomy Kalathoor Mathew, 48, was taken to The Northern hospital following the stabbing at 11am. The priest is said to be in shock.


The suspect is said to be a man of Italian descent and the police is looking for more information from the church goers. He was overpowered by a few members of the church but he managed to escape. 


This becomes a matter of concern especially in the wake of the death of an Indian national in Kansas, USA because of his descent. Here too, the motivation has clearly been established how this is a racial attack.