The revamped interrogation rooms will be equipped with video and audio recording facilities and wireless communication systems. 


Each set-up will have two rooms. The interrogator and suspect will be in one room, equipped with a microphone and two cameras, while the next room will be separated by a one-way mirror and will house LED screens and audio systems.


Officers in the second room can watch the developments and give instructions to the interrogator through wireless headsets, with the suspect totally unaware of their presence.


Cameras and video equipment, designed in the US and made in China, will be used in the rooms. Meanwhile, the audio instruments will be from Japan and wireless system from Germany. 


However, local police stations won't have these facilities just yet. Only the district police headquarters are in line to be equipped with these new interrogation rooms. 


The government has asked all district authorities to have the modernised interrogation rooms functioning by the end of the month. They will be set up in a way that helps city police commissioner to reach the facility quickly.


The first such facility started functioning in Kottayam on Wednesday, with district police chief N Ramachandran inaugurating it.


The development is a milestone moment for the state police force, which has often been accused of still using torture (third degree) as a method of interrogation.