In a first, a media company from Kerala has announced FOP (First day of Period Policy) for its women employees. The new policy allows women employees to take a paid leave on the first day of their menstrual cycle. 

Mathrubhumi Television was inspired after 'Culture Machine', a Mumbai based media company announced paid leave during periods. The practice is prevalent in countries like Italy, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and South Korea. 

Sreyams Kumar, the managing director of Mathrubhumi, said that the decision of 'Culture Machine' was an eye opener.

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"Those working in television channels have a stressful job and their working hours are also very odd. Often they have to work for extended hours. We took the decision as the management understand the difficulties women undergo during the time," he said. 

With the new policy, women employees will get 12 more leaves per year, above what they already have. 

Women employees working in the television said that the new decision is a boon as they don't have an emergency leave provision. They also see it as a positive change in work culture. 

Writer Sarah Joseph said that it is a positive change. "There is a relief that the society has risen to this level to address such issues. Menstruation is not a taboo anymore, and people don't mind sharing the physical and mental issues faced by women in those days," she said.