Kavya Madhavan and Meenakshi has met Dileep for the first time 55 days after the actor was arrested. The meeting lasted for about 20 minutes, and Dileep's close friend and director Nadirshah and Kavya's father Madhavan was with them during the visit. 

Dileep's mother and brother had visited the actor earlier. But Kavya and Meenakshi are visiting him for the first time. 

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Though media persons asked her about Suni's statement that she is the madam, Kavya was not ready to respond. The actress just smiled while Meenakshi was seen very gloomy after the visit. 

The visit comes at a time when rumours that the police have received evidence to prove Kavya's close links with Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in actress attack case. Rumours are also rife that the police might interrogate Kavya Madhavan and Nadirshah in connection with the case. There are also rumours that the police officials have asked Kavya not to make any foreign trips till the investigation is over. 

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Latest reports are that the Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing actress attack case got evidence to prove that Pulsar Suni had visited the office of Laksyah Kavya Madhavan's boutique. The police have got a visiting card of Laksyah from Pulsar Suni. The employees of the organisation also confirmed that it is the visiting card of the boutique. 

According to police, Pulsar Suni had visited Laksyah a day before he surrendered before police. Suni had confessed to police that he had visited the office, of Kavya's boutique, at Kakkanad. The employees of Laksyah also confirmed his statement. 

The accused had, in the letter to Dileep, had written that he visited Laksyah but returned after knowing that everyone has gone to Aluva. 

Meanwhile, there are reports that Suni was close to Kavya's family even before her marriage to Dileep. The accused had served as her driver and was so close to the family that she used to address Kavya's father as Madhavettan. It is also known that the police got evidence to prove that Suni had attended the marriage of Kavya Madhavan's brother Midhun in 2014.

Police also got evidence to prove that Suni had visited Kavya Madhavan's house in Vennala in April 2015. The mobile number and bike of Suni had been recorded in the security register of the villa. Suni had accepted this during interrogation.