Tipplers in Thrissur town of Mangra are now facing a daily struggle, with no transport available to get to the new liquor outlet in town, except jeeps.

The tipplers in the area used to get liquor from an outlet in Wadakkancherry earlier but it was closed down after the recent court order to move all liquor outlets from near highways.

The new liquor outlet is located 300 meters from Mangra, along a forest road and atop a hill. It's a difficult trek and a few private jeeps are the only other way to reach there. These jeeps charge Rs 10 per person for the short ride one-way ride.

Some tipplers still reach the outlet by foot but most tipplers use the jeep service to get back as it's risky to climb down the tricky terrain with bottles.

The difficulty in reaching the destination has not hampered the enthusiasm of the tipplers in town as the new outlet has fared well in sales so far.

The Supreme Court had recently ordered to move all liquor outlets away from both state and national highways.