1 Solar project

The government's Finance Inspection Wing (FIW) found irregularities in the solar power project implemented in the Ports department offices when Jacob was the Ports Director and had recommended action against him. While the estimated amount for installing solar panels in the 15 Ports offices was around Rs 11 lakh, the amount actually spent was Rs 52.35 lakh. Also, several solar panels were later found to be dysfunctional.


2 Computer purchase

The FIW also picked out irregularities in the purchase of computer systems for Ports offices during Jacob's time there. According to reports, Rs 54.28 lakh worth desktops, laptops and printers were purchased in the final days of the financial year. Also, despite clear guidelines that both government's and IT department's approvals were required for such purchases, Thomas went ahead with the deal without consent.


3 Land in Coorg

Another allegation against Thomas is that he and his wife own 150 acres of reserve forest in Coorg. According to an eviction order issued by the Karnataka forest department, his wife Daisy Jacob holds 151.03 acres of reserve forestland at the Pattighat range in Coorg's Kopatti village. Daisy Jacob claimed she has owned the land since 1991. The incident came to light after a survey conducted by the forest department revealed that the aforementioned 151 acres was part of the reserve forest since 1901. 


4 IAS officers

Thomas has also been accused of targeting IAS officers deliberately and carrying out corruption probes against them. Several IAS officers in Kerala have been vocal against Thomas and had even decided to go on mass casual leave in January as protest, though it was called off eventually. Even several senior civil servants complained that the vigilance director was misusing his power. Some also alleged that he was trying to tarnish their image by leaking information to the media.


5 TKM director

A petitioner had also alleged that Thomas worked as a director with the TKM institute of management in Kollam and received payment for his services while he was on leave from government service. It was alleged that Thomas took three months' leave to join as a director of TKM, for which he received a monthly remuneration of Rs 1.69 lakh and availed other facilities.