A voice clip, of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organisation, spreading through WhatsApp is causing serious headache to security agencies. The clip contains provocative statements by ISIS operative Rashid Abdulla from Afghanistan. 

He has sent as many as 18 voice clips with the aim to attract more people to the outfit. The messages, spreading through a group called 'Message to Kerala' also disapproves charges levelled various Muslim organisations in the state as well as ISIS.

Rashid says that Muslim, who left Kerala for Afghanistan have taken a firm resolve to begin jihad. "We have systems to take care of wife and children in case a jihadi dies in a battle," he states. 

His message asks Muslims to keep away from Hindus and Muslims and not to maintain any friendship with them as Islam and Allah have asked its followers to keep away from Kuffars. True followers shall maintain a friendship with those who accept Islam, the clip says.

Salafi preacher M M Akbar said that ISIS wants to destroy the unity between various communities and religions in Kerala, Times of Indian reports. 

Rashid goes on to quote a verse from Surah Al-Mumtahanah and states that Allah has commanded to keep enmity between Kuffars and Muslims. He also says that the outfit is not trying to create trouble in society but is only following what Allah has taught. 

According to him, those scholars who are asking to propagate Islam through peaceful mean are fake. "Some fake scholars are telling to give importance to peaceful ways and forget jihad. But you need to know that Prophet has done both," he said. 

He also argues that Dawa (peaceful propagation) is not effective in India as Islam is a minority community her despite years of propagation. He goes on stating that Prophet has asked to propagate Islam at first through peaceful means and to choose jihad when the first method does not yield any fruits. "It as through jihad that Islam spread to far away countries like China and Spain. Prophet has fought both offensive and defensive wars, he said. 

Rashid also rubbishes the claim that it is possible to lead a purely Islamic life in India. Muslims have to live here as half Sharia, and even that will become difficult shortly. In those parts of the world which are under the control of ISIS, people are living a sharia complied life in all its aspects. 

The message that lasts for 10 minutes was at first sent to the members of WhatsApp group Abu Ayisha al-Hindi.