The initiative of Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) to employ transgenders had received great accolades, but within a week of operation, nine of them have quit the job as they failed to find cheap accommodation in the city. The KMRL authorities took the issue to Social Welfare Department and district collector asking to arrange for lodging facilities for them. 

KMRL had earlier promised to provide accommodation for transgenders working with Kochi Metro, but it seems nothing worked out. Those employed in the train service are earning a salary between ₹9000 and ₹10,500 while the transgenders have to pay at least ₹600 per day for accommodation in the city. 

There are several vacant houses in the city, but the house owners are not ready to rent it to transgenders. Only lodges are willing to accommodate them and that too for a higher price, Sheetal Shyam, who is working as a ticketing officer said.

At present, KMRL does not have the facility to provide accommodation option like quarters. If they start providing housing to employees, they will have to provide it to 628 Kudumbashree workers employed with the Metro as well. 

However, KMRL is planning to get affordable housing for transgenders and to retain them in the job. 

Meanwhile, K T Jaleel, Minister for Local Administration, ordered Kudumbashree and KMRL to take measures to ensure affordable accommodation for transgenders. The authorities are trying to arrange the facility at a hostel in Kakkanad and to arrange transportation for them.