For the last few hours, social media have been abuzz with a verbal spat between director Dr Biju and actor Mohanlal. 

It all started after Mohanlal said that the director had approached him with a script. He also said that Dr Biju failed to give him convincing reply to his questions. The actor also said that nothing is going to happen to him by acting or not acting in a film. There was nothing thrilling about Dr Biju's project. 

"It was his personal project. I have done such films earlier and will continue to do so. In today's situation, I need not do an arthouse movie unless it is a brilliant work like Vastuhara or Vanaprastham.

This did not go well with the director who said that it was just an initial discussion. He replied that presence of Mohanlal or Mammootty would not make much difference as his films are usually shown in international festivals where no one recognises the actor. "Mohanlal can act in my films if he is interested but I am not that interested," he said. 

This is not the first time that the director and actor are entering into a feud. Earlier, a dialogue of the actor in the film 'Peruchazhi' irked the director. He said the dialogue indicates how Mohanlal looks at marginalised people in society. 

The actor had said that "Lulu Mallil Kayariya Attapadiyile Aadivasikal" (like the tribals of Attappady who entered Lulu Mall). Biju said that such derogatory dialogues come from those who are brand ambassadors of governments, who write lengthy notes on social issues on blogs and social platforms

Mohanlal fans did not take it lightly and flooded social media with criticisms against the director.