Pulsar Suni and his accomplices had copied the visuals of the actress attack to a memory card near a seashore in Alappuzha, according to the additional charge sheet filed by the police.

The Kerala police had filed the additional charge sheet on Wednesday naming actor Dileep as the eighth accused in the sensational case pertaining to the abduction and sexual assault against the actress back in February.

Suni and the other accomplices had gone to Thammanam near Kochi after brutally assaulting the actress and recording the visuals, according to the charge sheet. The perpetrators then went separate ways the same night.

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Suni and two others went to Alappuzha and camped at the house of one of the witnesses. They copied the visuals of the attack from the phone to the memory card at the seashore, which is adjacent to the witness' house, while charging the phone using a power bank, according to reports.

When the media caught up with the news the day after the attack and flashed photos of Suni in news bulletins, the perpetrators immediately left the place. They reached Chengannur before abandoned their car and hiring another vehicle on rent.

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The group then proceeded to another witness' house in Coimbatore and also purchased a mobile phone from Kalamassery on their way. Suni showed the visuals of the attack to the 7th accused in Coimbatore and also told him the attack was carried as per a 'quotation' given to him by Dileep, the 8th accused.