Rs 12.2 crore Abu Dhabi lottery winner returns to Kochi, does not claim prize

First Published 10, Sep 2017, 7:54 PM IST
Abu Dhabi mega lottery winner missing
  • The winner of Big Ticket lucky draw at Abu Dhabi airport has not claimed the amount yet
  • The winner is Manekkudy Mathew Varkey from Kerala and the amount comes to ₹12.2 crore
  • It was found that he traveled to Kochi from Abu Dhabi airport on August 24

A man from Kerala who hit the jackpot at Abu Dhabi international airport is yet to claim his prize, and the authorities have failed to contact him in the phone number he gave to them. Manekkudy Mathew Varkey won AED 70 lakhs amounting to ₹12.2 crore, in the Big Ticket lucky draw at Abu Dhabi airport on Thursday. 

According to rules, if the ticket is not presented in six months the amount will be given out for social works. The lucky draw was held on September 14. 

Those purchasing the ticket which costs AED500 will have to give their phone number, name and post box number. Varkey had bought the ticket with the number 024039. 

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As Varkey was not available on the phone, authorities conducted an inquiry, and it was found that he had boarded a flight to Kochi from Abu Dhabi on August 24. 

Though several Keralites have earlier won the lucky draw, this is the first time that a winner has not claimed the amount even after so many days.