A seven-year-old boy from Puthuvype gave statement against Kochi DCP Yatish Chandra IPS before the state human rights commission on Thursday.

Yatish had come under severe criticism for the use of force to disperse the Puthuvype protesters near the High Court junction ahead of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the city back in June.

Allen came to the commission's sitting in Kochi with his parents. When Yatish asked him "Who hit you, child? Was it me?", Allen pointed his finger at the officer and said "yes", before ducking under the table. Yatish laughed it off and said the told the commission that someone had "prepared" the boy to name him.

Yatish maintained that no one was assaulted or injured during the incident. The officer, who appeared before the commission without a lawyer, showed photos and videos of the incident on his laptop, and said women and children were smiling and laughing.

The commission has asked Yatish to submit a detailed affidavit on the incident.