Wrong diagnosis of HIV leaves woman without her baby

First Published 27, Sep 2017, 4:50 PM IST
Woman treated for HIV for 2 years without being positive
  • A pregnant woman was wrongly diagnosed of HIV and was treated
  • She lost her baby due to treatment and depression
  • But now the tests results show negative 

A pregnant woman who was wrongly diagnosed of HIV two years ago and took treatment for it, has now been told that she does not have AIDS! The victim who suffered depression for over two years has now decided to drag the doctor who mis-diagnosed her to the court, reports Kannada Prabha.

In 2015, the victim had come for her first pregnancy test to a government hospital in Sira. The doctor examined her and said she was positive to HIV. Shocked, she went into depression. She had no clue of her future. She had her baby growing in her womb and she was unsure whether her baby would be safe. She began taking medicines prescribed by the doctor. In all these adversities, the child was a stillborn. She lost her baby, she suffered stigma in her society and all in all she withdrew into herself.  Her relatives distanced themselves from her after learning that she was diagnosed with HIV. 

After two years, she conceived again and she went for a routine check up in pregnancy. To her shock, the doctors told her that her HIV tests have come negative. Unable to believe it, she tested herself in two to three labs and all the reports were negative. Elated, she told her family members. The family decided to sue the doctor for his sheer callousness in diagnosing her.