IT giant Wipro has been threatened with a bio terror attack if it doesn’t buy bitcoins worth Rs 500 crore by May 25. On Friday, the company received an email, the contents of which included details of a ricin attack. Ricin is a highly toxic poison that could kill a person who inhales or ingests it.

Following this, Wipro has filed a complaint with the cyber crime police station under section 66 F of the IT Act. However, employees are worried about the toxic substance that could be dispatched in packages etc.

The email, sent by, threatened to send 2 grams of ricin in packages to one of the Wipro offices in Bengaluru before a full-fledged attack. He also claimed that he is in possession of 1kg of ricin and would send it to the company’s many offices in the city if it failed to buy bitcoins from the link provided in the email.

“It [Ricin] would be used through food served at your cafeteria, disperse it using a flying drone or even on the toilet seat or the toilet paper with which you wipe your ar* get the point,” the email read, according to Bangalore Mirror.

The sender of the email claimed that he had used it on 22 stray dogs which had died of poisoning in Kolkata’s Baranagar. The incident, which occurred on January 21, left residents shocked and animal activists fuming over the mysterious death.

Although Wipro officials have not spoken to the media about the email, S Ravi, Additional Commissioner (Crime) told Bangalore Mirror that an FIR has been filed. Officials in the department stated that they are tracking the IP address from which the email was sent. Sources said that the case could be transferred to a local police station and other agencies could be involved.

However, it is not yet known what precautions have been taken to scan any package delivered to the company. In the coming days, Wipro employees will no doubt be tense and anxious for further clarity from the senior employees.