A woman has been arrested by the S J Park police for stealing gold nuggets from her husband, an employee of a popular Jewellery company, by giving him drink laced with drugs, on way to Coimbatore.

Nagalakshmi (28), wife of Muniyappan, an employee with Chemmanur Jewellers, has been arrested and gold nuggets of 1.2 kg have been seized, five months after the incident occurred. Muniyappan was given the task of taking the gold nuggets /biscuits to the Coimbatore branch of Chemmanur Jewellers on Feb 20,2017.

He collected the gold from the Unity Building shop and left to go to Coimbatore by private bus to Coimbatore. On the way he stopped at Hosur to go to his house. His wife Nagalakshmi said she would also accompany him. At 7.45 pm they both left by bus. At Salem when the bus stopped for dinner, the couple also got down to have dinner. Nagalakshmi offered a drink to her husband, laced with drugs. Soon after Muniyappan slipped into deep into sleep in the bus. Nagalakshmi then opened the suitcase with a knife and removed one gold nugget of 1 kg and hid it in her clothes.

After some time she woke up Muniyappan saying the gold had been stolen. Muniyappan immediately stopped the bus and searched all luggages of the fellow passengers but did not find the gold. Nagalakshmi then said she was scared and would return back home, and he should lodge a police complaint in Tamil Nadu.  Muniyappan went to the police station to lodge a complaint but was told by the Tamil Nadu police that he should lodge a complaint with the Bengaluru through the shop owners. Muniyappan returned.

On Feb 21, Chemmanur Jewellers owner Wilson Ononi lodged a complaint with the S J Park police station.  Muniyappan suspected Nagalakshmi and the police interrogated her. However Nagalakshmi not only denied the allegation but created a big scene at the police station accusing her husband for suspecting her.  However, three months after the theft, Nagalakshmi tried to sell the nugget.  The pawnbroker whom she approached got suspicious and questioned her. She got scared and instead of selling to repay the loan, she offered the gold nuggets as repayment.

It is also said that Nagalakshmi sent the gold nuggets to her mother to return to the person she had to pay the debt. Her mother got suspicious and informed her son in law, who in turn informed the police and Nagalakshmi got arrested. The police have seized the gold from her.