High on drugs, wheelies are a new menace on Ring Road

First Published 7, Oct 2017, 3:05 PM IST
Wheeling after drugs more dangerous than Blue Whale
  • Suvarna Cover Story revealed youth addicted to wheeling on the outskirts of Ring Road 
  • Banasavadi police cracked down on a group of boys who were wheeling and all were minors 
  • The juveniles in the age group of 15 and 17 were counselled at the Special Juvenile Unit and sent back to their parents

A game deadlier than Blue Whale - wheeling - is attracting youths these days in the City. Wheeling has claimed several lives of youths between the age of 12 and 18. In a scoop conducted by 'Suvarna Cover Story' stunning facts have been revealed. Youths are increasingly becoming addicted to wheeling on the outskirts of Ring Road. They are found riding between big trucks screaming, dancing on bikes and wheeling dangerously at an extraordinary speed putting the lives of other road users in danger. 'Suvarna Cover Story' team captured the deadly stunts of those youths at Nelamangala, Tumakuru, Devanahalli, National Highways, NICE Road, Hebbal Ring and other prominent roads, reports Kannada Prabha

On a closer look, it was revealed that the boys were drunk as well as were high on drugs. Some of these boys were doing dangerous stunts even on hairpin bends of Nandi Hills. A small miscalculation could push them below the deep valley without leaving any chance to recover the body. In order to make their bikes fit and suitable to their adventures, these boys allegedly steal money. But their family is unaware of their adventures and this is really worrying. 

Usually, the police look the other way when these boys go wheeling. However, Banasavadi police cracked down on a group of boys who were wheeling in the City roads. After the police found out that wheeling youths were minors, the police have arrested their parents for allowing their wards to indulge in dangerous stunts. Traffic Additional Commissioner R Hitendra said nine bikes and 19 silencers were seized from a gang of minor boys who were regularly wheeling at Outer Ring Road at Dommluru and East Bengaluru. The police came to know that the group was wheeling during the day itself causing grave danger and anxiety to other drivers on the road. 

On Sept 28, the police had arrested two from a group of adults who were wheeling at the Outer Ring Road at Kalyana Nagara. Following the information provided by them, the police arrested others. It was found that all the boys were in the age group of 15 to 17.  Criminal cases have been filed against their parents. They were also fined. The arrested juveniles are being counselled at the Special Juvenile Unit.