There are certain things one cannot erase, not only from memory but also from someone’s mobile phone. It could be a flirtatious message, long, steamy chats, or in some cases a compromising photo. And these come back to haunt you later in life. Many homes have been wrecked due to one wrong decision taken on the spur of the moment.

A 20-year-old dental sciences student from Bengaluru had to go through horrible abuse owing to a similar mistake made two years ago.

In mid-2015, the woman had WhatsApped her nude photographs to her then boyfriend. The woman, allegedly from a reputed family in east Bengaluru was only 18 when she had shared her nude pictures. This started a chain of events which has led to her struggling to come out of an abusive marriage.

Times of India reported that the woman is seeking the help of Vanitha Sahayavani (women's helpline) at the police commissioner's office, seeking divorce.

At the helpline office, the 30-year-old husband, who is a businessman, threatened to post her nude images online or commit suicide if she did not go back to him. The woman, however, has refused to return to her husband.

The Case

The woman was 18 when she sent the nudes to her then boyfriend.  "The girl was head over heels in love with him. During their chats over WhatsApp, the girl had shared a few of her naked photographs upon his request as she trusted him blindly," said B S Saraswathi, senior counsellor at the centre, to TOI.

The boy, however, forwarded the pictures to his best friend, who used it to blackmail her and forced her to get into a physical relationship with him. The friend further circulated the pictures to his group of friends and they started harassing her.

One of the friends who received the picture brought to the woman’s notice that her pictures are being circulated and also claimed to beat up the men doing this and got the photos deleted. This man, a class 10 dropout then professed love for her and the woman fell for it. “She eloped and married the man in mid-2016," said Rani Shetty, head of Vanitha Sahayavani, who is monitoring the case.

The two moved into a house in Yeshwantpur and the woman continued attending her dental school. However, in a few months, the man began abusing her physically and mentally. In her complaint, the woman pointed out that he tortured her in various ways, including forcing her to take bath in cold water during peak winter and also forcibly having sex with her by holding her captive and beating her mercilessly .

The girl finally escaped from his house in mid-July and went back to her parents’ house. “She sought help from Vanitha Sahayavani through her family as she did not want to pursue a police complaint in the matter," said Saraswathi.

The man initially sought police help to take his wife back home. But he has now resorted to threats, not only to the woman, but also to himself. In the counseling sessions, he gave a range of methods to kill himself. First he said he would slit his throat in the counseling room, and then he said he would consume poison which he claimed he was carrying. Subsequently, he said that he would jump from the seventh floor of the police headquarters. He has also threatened to kill the girl.

One small mistake from this woman turned her life into living hell. Scandalous posts spread like wildfire on social media. It won’t take much to exercise caution before posting anything on social media. It could help avoid going through such traumatic experiences in life.