What makes Yeddyurappa, the darling of seers and saints?

First Published 3, Oct 2017, 4:49 PM IST
What makes Yeddyurappa the darling of seers and saints
  • Yeddyurappa had rare visitors in the form of Naga Sadhus, at his residence, last week
  • He enjoys an enviable proximity to Lingayat community's prominent seer Shivakumara swami of Siddaganga Mutt
  • The seers and saints have blessed Yeddyurappa to be the next chief minister

BJP's chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa enjoys an enviable support of various mutts and seers - of all communities - unlike perhaps any other political leader in Karnataka. This gives him an edge over others as on many occasions it has translated into votes.

He may have been facing the heat from his own community after a few Lingayat leaders are insisting on having a separate religion tag for Lingayat community, but nothing seems to have diminished Yeddyurappa's popularity among the seers and saints.

For, Yeddyurappa had rare visitors at his residence when Naga Sadhus reportedly came looking for him at his residence in Dollar's Colony, last week. It is reported that at least 15 to 20 Sadhus insisted that they wanted to meet Yeddyurappa in specific. The Times of India reported that the Sadhus were told that Yeddyurappa was in a meeting and were denied them permission to meet him.

It is reported that the Sadhus warned the front office staff of Yeddyurappa's home about the repercussions of turning them away. Disturbed, they immediately informed Yeddyurappa, and the former chief minister had a meeting with them, for more than 15 minutes. According to Kannada Prabha, the Sadhus blessed him to be the next chief minister of Karnataka.

In fact, this is not the first time Yeddyurappa was given blessings mysteriously by godmen and godwomen. A few years ago, when Yeddyurappa was asked to step down (in 2012), he was on a temple-hopping spree. He would visit various temples and mutts to find solace. During these 'tough times' Yeddyurappa was taken to Yanagundi near Sedam in Kalaburagi district to meet woman saint Mathe Manikeshwari Devi.

Mathe Manikeshwari who is regarded as Amma in the region resides on a hillock Yanagundi and lives on just air. She lives away from the world on a hillock and never comes out of the hillock. It is said that she gives her darshan only once in a year and people wait endlessly to catch her glimpse, even for a few seconds. Yeddyurappa too had waited for over four hours to have the 'darshan' of Mathe Manikeshwari, and his efforts did not go waste.

Amma reportedly blessed Yeddyurappa that he would become the next chief minister. She reportedly asked him to stop cruelty against animals and protect women. Yeddyurappa's chance meeting with the woman saint is considered a rare and special occasion. There were rumours that even DG and IG Roopak Kumar Datta too waited for hours to get the darshan of the saintly woman but in vain.

Not many know that Yeddyurappa enjoys an enviable proximity to centenarian seer Shivakumara swamiji of Siddaganga mutt. It is reported that the seer 'only' talks to BJP state president Yeddyurappa among the scores of politicians, who visit the mutt to seek his blessings. On many occasions, Shivakumara Swamiji had called him the leader of the Lingayat community, too.

With elections fast approaching, will these 'rare' and 'mysterious' blessings do their magic on Yeddyurappa, the chief ministerial candidate of BJP? Only time will tell.