The government of Karnataka had implemented the Compulsory Education project in full swing to provide education to all children below the age of 14 but in Alanda, rag pickers are street children are roaming freely with nobody taking the interest to get them admitted to schools.

The government schemes to get back school dropouts and also to get children who are denied education to come into schools is actually only seen on papers. In practice, the Education Department does not even have accurate number of children who are denied education.

There are a large number of government schools that are very small number of students. Many schools are closing down due to no admissions. The Mid Day Meal scheme is being utilised to feed the kitchen assistants. Hence making it compulsory for government employees to send their children to government schools would actually benefit.

The government employees should also come forward to admit their children to government schools.  

School and college teachers, education department officials themselves are not sending their children to government schools. Hence adequate steps must be taken to provide compulsory education to all children, including the street and ragpicker children.