Were Prajwal and Diganth involved in accident? Here's what they have to say

First Published 28, Sep 2017, 4:37 PM IST
Were Prajwal and Diganth involved in accident Heres what they say
  • A Mercedes Benz vehicle has been seized by Jayanagar police after it rammed a Maruti Omni, completely mangling it
  • The police have reportedly seized ganja worth Rs 2 crore
  • Television channels reported that the two Sandalwood actors were with the accused, Vishnu at the time of the accident
  • Vishnu is the grandson of businessman Late Adikeshavalu

After businessman Late Adikeshavalu's grandson Vishnu was arrested for ramming his high-end vehicle with a Maruti Omni and reportedly carrying Rs two crore worth ganja at South End Circle on September 27, rumours were rife that Sandalwood actors Prajwal Devaraj and Diganth Manchale too were present with Vishnu. Television newschannels quoting sources reported that these two actors were with Vishnu at the time of the accident.

However, the Sandalwood actors have refuted these rumours and stated that it would be fair if the television channels stop misguiding viewers with such "false news".

Prajwal Devaraj who is shooting for his upcoming movie in Goa said that he was upset with the "false rumours' as being reported by television channels.

He uploaded a video on his Facebook page expressing surprise over the developments. "My friends have been calling me asking me about this. I'm really surprised that from where these rumours are emerging. I'm in Goa and busy shooting." He also said that he knows his responsibility as an actor and these kind of stories hurt him. "I am accountable to my fans. so this is the reason I'm uploading this video," said Prajwal. Prajwal Devaraj is the son of senior actor Devaraj.


Diganth Manchale laughd off at the allegations saying 'Just because I'm friends with Vishnu (accused) it does not mean I was with him. I'm away from Bengaluru and have no clue what has happened over there. Please do not spread such false news," he said to a television channel. Diganth's friend and actor Aindrita Ray put up a post saying news channels do anything to get the TRPs.


According to the news channels, after Vishnu's Mercedes Benz vehicle hit a Maruti Omni severely mangling it, the passersby caught Vishnu and two others and handed over to the police. The news channels quoting sources reported that the accused was at the wheels.

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