The decorated canter was all set to take people for the wedding. Nearly 50 people got into the canter but little did they know that this was going to be their last travel ever.

The wedding guests got into the canter having no clue that the driver was (allegedly) drunk. When the canter reached Machahalli at Maddur in Mandya, the driver fell asleep, lost the control over the steering and rammed the vehicle into a tree near Machahalli. 

The accident killed 13 people and had left 25 people severely injured. The dead have been identified as Jayamma, Parvathi, Beeramma, Sannamma, Madanna, Shivanna, Renukamma, Sona, Meenakshi, Kalamma, Kamalamma, Pooja and Kariyappa.

They were travelling from Agasarahalli in Maddur to Venkateshwara Chowltry in the taluk. The travellers on the canter have expressed their fear that the driver might have been drunk.

The injured have been admitted to the hospital with most of them with broken legs, hands and other complications.

It was a shocker to the bride-groom and their family who were not in a position to celebrate the wedding. However, garlands were exchanged, and mangalsutra was tied amidst tears.

The guests gathered outside the hospital were inconsolable.