Mohammed Nalapad, son of MLA NA Haris, has surrendered in the case of assaulting Vidvat at UB City in Bengaluru. The current documents available from the Mallya Hospital, where Vidvat is being treated might prove to be a disadvantage for Nalapad.

The medical report of Vidvat from the Mallya Hospital states that he was conscious, alert and not under the influence of alcohol.

This report becomes important as earlier, a counter complaint against Vidvat was filed by one Arun Kumar with the Cubbon Park police sating that, he had gone to Farzi Cafe at UB City for dinner along with friends, and under the influence of alcohol, started a fight with Nalapad and friends, and assaulted them. Arun in his complaint, said, "We request you to examine Vidvat, who is being treated in the ICU section of the hospital and give us a report of his condition (whether he was under the influence of alcohol)."

Complaint copy:

Thus, with the report stating that Vidvat was not under the influence of alcohol, the case has become stronger against Nalapad. Vidvat is badly injured, and Nalapad has, at last, surrendered 36 hours after the incident. Currently, his lawyer is trying to get Nalapad out on bail.

The medical report can be a strong source, which can be used by Vidvat in proving his case.