Real Star Upendra has made his way into Prajakeeya (as he refers to politics). This might have come as a surprise to the people of Karnataka, but the actor had this in mind for quite very long. In fact, 16 years ago. Upendra has announced the name of his party as Karnataka Pragyavantara Janata Paksha (KPBP) today (Oct 31). However, he had given the hint of such a development 16 years ago.

Here is the video of Upendra speaking at an occasion in 2001, where he clearly said that cinema was never is the ultimate aim, but just a way to attain the higher goal.

Here is the video:


Here is the complete text of his speech:

Do you know why am I making movies? I am well settled in the cinema industry. I do not have to worry; I have no shortage of clothes or food. In the real sense, I do not have to struggle. But still, I do struggle writing script or working on a film for three months or even four months? I have a reason behind this struggle. Cinema is not my aim; my aim is beyond cinema. I am making movies to fulfill this aim. If cinema was my aim, I would have just thought about hits and flops. I didn't have to wait for two years. In my every movie I try to tell and do something. I am searching my way through this. Cinema is just a way, not my ultimate goal. When I am here, 50,000 people might shout in praise of Upendra. But once I have left the place. I am just Upendra. I will have to continue wearing what I wear and cannot do anything apart from it. What I really want is the love of people, reverberating energy through which I want to do something for the people. I need to do something systematically. I can fool you and do many things, that's not a big task, But I have no intentions of doing that. I want to be true to myself and my conscience, and I am true to myself. This is what is protecting me. There was a time, when I did not have money to buy pants, even I have struggled with food. I have sloughed a lot to even earn Rs 5 and Rs 10. I will never forget the struggle. That is why I don't sign any movie (without considering properly) even when they offer a huge sum of Rs 5 crore. My answer to them is.. Keep your five crores to yourself. All I want is the love of people. I will struggle for two years and do what the people want. Many people have questioned why have I not done any movie from two years. I will not do... unless I can satisfy myself and people, I will not get into making the movie. Because I believe even if I don't do a movie for five years, you will not forget the Upendra. But you will forget this Upendra when he starts accepting any movie just for money.