Even as the protest against celebrating Tipu Jayanthi is mounting and Union Minister Ananthakumar Hegde and other BJP legislators have started a ‘non-cooperation’ movement against the Tipu Jayanti by stating that their names should not be included in the invitation to the programme. But Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has announced that Tipu Jayanthi will not be cancelled on any account. This is an indication of Tipu Jayanthi on Nov 10 turning into a political battle between Congress and BJP, reports Kannada Prabha.

Speaking to newspersons at Mangaluru airport and later addressing a massive programme at BC Road on Sunday Siddaramaiah said “nobody can stop Tipu Jayanthi celebration. It will be definitely held. BJP had sung praise of Tipu earlier and is now protesting. Do they have any respect?” he questioned.

"Tipu Jayanthi is a government programme. It does not need anybody’s permission. It will not create law and order situation. If a small minority protest we do not have to worry over it.  As per the protocol everybody’s names will be published. It is left to the individual to attend or not attend," he said.

'Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde and MP Shobha Karandlaje are issuing childish statements like not to print their names in the invitation. They are mistaken that to oppose Tipu is their political ideology. Shobha Karandlaje celebrated Tipu Jayanthi when she was with KJP. Yeddyurappa had worn the Tipu turban and flashed the sword and praised Tipu. Why is she opposing now," he asked.

Leader of the Opposition at Legislature Jagadish Shettar, when he was the chief minister, had written a foreword to a book written by Prof Sheik Ali, then vice-chancellor of Mangaluru University and gave glowing tributes to Tipu calling him a patriot. Now, Shettar is protesting, he said, and sarcastically reminded Shettar to remember the past.

Tipu Jayanthi is being celebrated because Tipu fought four wars against the British. BJP wants to demolish Taj Mahal. In such a case, Red Fort, Parliament, Rashtrapathi Bhavan should also be demolished. All these are historical monuments. People must be told about history of the monuments. Those who do not know the history will not create future, he said.

Meanwhile, MLC Basanagowda Patil Yatnal has also expressed that his name should not be printed in the invitation and he will not participate in the programme. He said Tipu is anti-Hindu. Legislator Vishveshwara Kageri said the State government is adamant on celebrating Tipu Jayanthi to appease the minorities. He also said he would not participate in the programme and stated that he would write not to print his name in the invitation.

At Indore, BJP general secretary Kailash Vijayavargeeya said history must be rewritten and fresh discussions must be held regarding Tipu.