Ramesh, 21, was working as a cook in Mysore. His team was happy to have got a big contract from Udayagiri, 15 days ago. All preparations were made, and the team left to the programme venue.


The utensils were unbelievably large, and the team including Ramesh worked hard to put together the masala, cut a large number of chicken, and after hours of toiling work, the curry was almost ready. People were driven to the place of cooking, due to its fragrance if you can call it that way, of the curry.


When the curry was ready, it had to be moved to the serving place. Ramesh and other two were summoned to shift the large container to the serving venue. The container with piping hot, large quantity of chicken curry was too heavy for Ramesh, and he lost balance. In fear of spilling the curry, he tried to get a balance and instead fell inside the container.


He was helped out of the container immediately but already had suffered serious burns. He was admitted to the KR Hospital in Mysuru, 15 days ago. But failing to respond to the treatment, Ramesh breathed his last on Thursday.