Lord Ranganathaswamy in a temple at Kelodi in Bagalkot is the God who accepts bottles of liquor. The festival of Ranganathswamy known as jathra occurs once in three years and people come loaded with alcohol bottles to offer it to the God.


The belief is that if the alcohol bottles are offered, even the childless couple get children, those waiting for the partner get married, this is even believed to solve people’s financial problems. Thus each family makes a prayer to fulfil their dream and specifies the number of bottles of alcohol it will offer if their demand is met.



Thus after three years, when the festival is held again and those who had made the prayer earlier remember to visit the temple again and offer the bottles of alcohol they have promised. Sometimes the number bottles offered ranges from 10 to 30.


As soon as they offer the alcohol bottle, the devotees are given a sip of the same alcohol by the priest there.


Many people from Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra too visit this temple to offer their prayers.