A lecturer from Mahalakshmi Layout got up at 5.30 am on March 8 and smiled at his dog and started his scooter to get milk, as he does daily. But this day, perhaps his dog had some intuition and started following his owner.


The man reached the milk booth near Nandini Theater and reversed his scooter to go home. He had just reached the 15th cross; a speeding car blocked his way. Shocked lecturer applied sudden break, and even before he knew what was happening, three people armed with lethal weapons got down from the car and rushed towards him. With daggers and knives, the trio threatened the lecturer and asked him to remove the chain from his neck.



The lecturer who was about to remove the chain was in for another shock when he saw Leo jumping on the attackers with a furious face. Even when they tried to scare him with dagger and knife, Leo just refused to step back and pounced on the attackers again.



Fearing for their lives, they got back in the car and drove away. The dog stood there barking on top of its voice as its owner was shivering with fear.


This is how the dog’s decision to follow the man saved the owner’s life.