A complaint has been lodged against a software company employee for touching his colleague inappropriately at a company party, reported Kannada Prabha.

A 22-year-old employee of the company has lodged the complaint on November 25 and the accused team leader has been absconding, having switched off his mobile. The complainant ha stated that she is a resident of Prakash Nagara and joined the company at Bellandur in 2016.

The company started a new project and Dheeraj Shetty was the team leader. She was friendly with him while at work. He mistook her and started misbehaving. Immediately she kept a distance from him and was cautious.

On November 9, a party was organised at the company and Dheeraj Shetty touched her inappropriately and misbehaved with her at the party. She lodged a complaint with the administration. An internal inquiry was conducted and a decision was pronounced that Dheeraj Shetty had not misbehaved. Hence she lodged a police complaint appealing for justice.

Meanwhile, in another case, on November 23, a miscreant in the guise of courier delivery boy, rang the bell of a house in Seventh Block Jayanagar in which two girls are staying and said there was a package.

They said it was not theirs and refused it.  Again on Monday he rang the bell at 3.30 pm and delivered a parcel. Again they refused but they saw that he was standing with his pant zip open. The girls screamed and neighbours came but nobody helped in nabbing him. He started his bike and sped away but the girls noted the bike number and lodged complaint.