BJP State President B S Yeddyurappa had stated that if he comes to power he would send Siddaramaiah to jail. Responding to it, Siddaramaiah retorted that he would “swear on Yeddyurappa’s father BJP will not win”, reported Kannada Prabha.

He was speaking at the launch of 74th birthday celebrations of Speaker K B Koliwad and also several developmental civil works at Ranebennur. Throughout his speech Siddaramaiah criticised Yeddyurappa, PM Modi and BJP national president Amit Shah.

Yeddyurappa keeps repeating if BJP comes to power he would send Siddaramaiah to jail. That is his personal experience speaking. People have not forgotten BJP’s misdoings when in power. Yeddyurappa and Amit Shah have been in jail. BJP has no moral right to talk about Congress. In four and half years our government has given a scam-free governance, he said.

Now, BJP has launched Parivarthana Yatre. People are not responding to it. The Parivarthan – transformation – has to come within BJP which is sowing poison seeds and dividing the society. BJP keeps saying Congress free country. Congress is the Party that begot freedom to the country and nobody including Modi and Shah can make India Congress free. We do not need to learn from the Party that killed Gandhi. We have never said BJP free country, our aim is to make the country hunger free and hut free, he said.