Reacting to the reports of Padubidri's rotor blade unit of Suzlon in Udupi locking out, the copmany has issued a statement. Suzlon has blamed the 'unruly behaviour affecting the production' for  the decision of lockout.

“The unruly action and behaviour of certain workers have caused hindrance in the smooth operation of the plant and has severely impacted the production. After several attempts and exploring various peaceful solutions to resolve the matter, the company was constrained and compelled to suspend the operations and declare a lockout effective 29th November, 2017 at the Padubidri RBU to safeguard our people and property. The suspension of operations at the Padubidri RBU will not have any impact on our current business activities,” stated the company spokesperson.

600 and odd employees working in the company were in for a shock when they came to work on Tuesday as the gates of the company were locked and a notice was put out with the names of people whose service will no more be needed by the company.

However, according to the notice, the lockout is effective from November 29, i.e. with a notice of over 14 days.

The notice stated: “In accordance with provisions of Sub Section 2 of Section 22 of Industrial Disputes Act 1947, we hereby give notice to all concerned that it is our intention to effect lockout for all workers whose names are mentioned in Annexure 2 to this notice with effect from November 29, 2017, for the reasons explained in Annexure 1. In the meanwhile, the management has decided to suspend its operations from today (November 14).” 

The notice also accused the workers of being responsible for causing more than 60 percent loss in the production.


Some reports also claimed that the target production during April-October 2017 was 214 blade sets but in reality only 76 blade sets were produced. Currently, the Padubidri unit has also obtained an injunction order from court banning any protest in a one-kilometre radius from company premises.

Suzlon company started its operations in Padubidri in 2006 in a land spread across 647 acres. It has been producing windmill turbines and blades since then.But since April this year, the production has been hit.

Most of the workers of the company are outsourced, appointed on contract basis. Due to losse the company  had sacked most of the employees. But with the intervention of Karkala assistant superintendent of police, Hrishikesh Sonawale, 120 workers were given the due beneffits.

The Deputy Commissioner of Udupi is of  the opinion that management's decision to announce a lockout without a 14-day notice to the workers was illegal. It was against the principles of natural justice.

This company comes under the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and comes under the jurisdiction of the SEZ Development Commissioner. The District administration is likely to take a decision (currently it has asked the Suzlon unit to withdraw the lockout) after meeting the SEZ commissioner.  

However, it can also be noted that the company had recently filed a complaint against the employees that they had cost crores of rupees loss to the company and that they had threatened to take the life of Human Resources officer (HR), Philip.

Here are the names of employees sacked put up on the board: