Former chief minister Kumaraswamy has made a shocking revelation that BJP leaders were the reason why Yeddyurappa did not get the power (as chief minister) in 2016. He said that the top leaders in BJP were the reason why Yeddyurappa could not become the CM.

Citing the current situation of infighting in BJP, Kumaraswamy told that Eshwarappa is being made to speak against Yeddyurappa by the top BJP leaders. Eshwarappa is not picking a fight with Yeddyurappa without any reason, but he has been asked to do so by one group of the BJP leaders in the Centre, he said.

After the elections in 2006, no party had got the majority. Thus JD(S) joined hands with the BJP in Karnataka to form the government. The alliance was made with a condition that HD Kumaraswamy will be the chief minister for first 20 months and will hand over the reign to BJP’s Yeddyurappa for the next 20 months.

According to the agreement, Kumaraswamy was to hand over the power seat to Yeddyurappa on October 3, 2007. After confusion and consideration on October 4, Kumaraswamy refused to hand over the seat to Yeddyurappa.

This lead to a commotion-like situation in the party and the next day, Kumaraswamy tendered his resignation and submitted it to the then Governor Rameshwar Thakur. Following this, after two days there was President’s rule in Karnataka. However, after some time Kumaraswamy agreed to support BJP again, and Yeddyurappa was made the chief minister on November 12 in 2007.

Is there a plan behind making the two BJP leaders fight in the open? Only time can answer this question. But if there is truth in Kumarawamy’s words, Yeddyurappa’s political career might be in danger in the coming days.