Sambar shortage is creating trouble at Indira Canteen with many leaving rice in the plate. Instead of providing enough Sambar the solution being suggested is to reduce the quantity of rice.  Hence soon there may be lesser quantity of rice in your plate at Indira Canteen, reported Kannada Prabha.

In all the 101 Indira Canteens the quantity of sambar is not sufficient to mix with rice and eat. As rice cannot be eaten without Sambar many are asking for a second helping but are denied. Hence they are leaving rice uneaten in plates.  When the public asked the canteen to give a little more they were point blank refused resulting in arguments and fights.

The BBMP officials held a meeting to discuss the Sambar issue with the contractors.  The contractors said they had quoted the tender as per the requirement and any increase in item will be a loss for them. The quantity of Sambar mentioned in the tender is 150 gms for 300 gms rice. Along with it 100 gms of curd rice is also served.

BBMP Commissioner Manjunath Prasad told Kannada Prabha that it is being discussed to increase the quantity of Sambar and reducing the quantity of rice so that the total quantity remains the same as per contract.  Any change in quantity needs to be sanctioned after calling fresh tender. The BBMP officials conducted a survey and collected public opinion and it was found that 250 gm rice and 200 gm Sambar would suffice. The BBMP is considering it. A decision will be taken by next week.

BBMP had come under criticism for starting the canteen without getting the kitchens ready. Now 11 kitchens are ready and will start functioning from next week said BBMP commissioner.