Lawyer Shriramareddy met the investigating officer ACP Ravikumar and requested to agree to Nagaraj’s (Rowdy Naga) conditions. Meanwhile, the police are all set to file 15 cases against the accused. Even those who have been cheated by Naga to the tune of multiple lakhs have been convinced to file a case against him.

But as the police are gearing up to trap Naga, the accused is making plans to avoid the ‘police torture’.  Through his lawyer, Naga has made his ‘intentions’ clear to the police by giving them a list of his conditions.

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Naga’s conditions include:

1)    No investigation in the police model: Naga doesn’t want to be interrogated by the police like how other accused are questioned.

2)    Wants the presence of advocate during interrogation: Anytime the police wants to question him, his advocate should be present

3)    Remove children’s name:  Naga has asked the police to remove the names of his children Gandhi and Shastri from the charge sheet.

4)    Interrogation according to the rules laid out by the Supreme Court and the High Court: All the rules and regulations laid out by the Apex court and HC should be followed by the police when he is in their custody.

5)    False accusations should be removed from the list: The police should not interrogate Naga on false accusations, all the cases based on false accusation (against him) must be withdrawn.

However, reacting to this, the investigative officer Ravikumar said that the police would abide by the court ruling, but it is not right for the accused to put conditions.

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Master Plan

With Karnataka police putting all efforts to nab Rowdy Naga, there are fewer options with the accused to be not traceable. However, the man who has been at large for over a month now has made plans to keep himself safe in the police custody.

Well aware of the treatment of the police during interrogation, Naga has conducted a complete medical checkup of his body. He has the details of his BP, blood sugar level, ECG, MRI Scan. He even has obtained a medical certificate stating he has no wounds on his body.

Thus, in case the police try to be violent with him, he plans to produce the certificate to the magistrate. But the police has not bothered much about the preparations by Rowdy Naga but are serious about fixing him in a worthy case.