Police rescue child after firing at and injuring kidnapper

karnataka | Friday, October 13th, 2017
  • Police shot at and injured an alleged kidnapper
  • The kidnapper was trying to kidnap a baby
  • It is believed the incident was result of a domestic dispute 

Police today shot at and injured an alleged kidnapper and nabbed his two accomplices while rescuing a toddler from them in a pre-dawn operation at Bagalur.

The baby was kidnapped by a three member gang at the behest of a 36-year-old woman, who wanted to use the child to extract money from her first husband, saying it was born to
them. The gang, which was offered Rs 15,000 by the woman for the job, had kidnapped the child on October 5, while it was playing outside its house and sped away on a two wheeler.

Police traced the vehicle number to one of the gang and later nabbed him and another. The third gang member was nabbed near Mitiganahalli after police shot at and injured him in his thigh when he
whipped out a knife and allegedly tried to attack a Sub-Inspector as they tracked him down.

He had been admitted to a hospital. The woman, who had separated from her first husband, had married again.

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