The liquor sellers association of Karnataka announced that there will not be any liquor sale on April 20 across the state. The liquor sellers association of Karnataka will stall the sale of alcohol for a day demanding the amendment of Rule 5 of the Karnataka Excise Act.


The association also stated that its members will be marching from Mourya Circle to the resident of the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on that day, according to reports. 


On April 7, the president of the association S Guruswamy said that after the Supreme Court’s liquor ban, 6,018 liquor licences will get cancelled and it will leave more than one lakh people jobless. The only way to avoid this is by declaring the state highways as district highways and allowing the renewal of licences till September 30, the Deccan Chronicle quoted him as saying. He also said that the state government should brief about the complications faced by the vendors due to the ban.