Known for non-cooperation in matters of public projects and finances, Kuvempunagar ward residents and NGO which proposed an economically viable solution to deal with animal waste lashed out at the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) corporators for meddling with the proposal for the animal waste processing unit.

The SWACHA, an NGO dealing with municipal solid waste management, had prepared a proposal for setting up an animal waste processing unit for ₹15 lakhs at each ward. Impressed by the blueprint of the processing plant, Joint Commissioner for Health, Sarfaraz Khan, and his team also cleared the files and placed before the BBMP council meeting but the corporators at the council meeting meddled with the proposal and scrapped it.

"This is the irony of BBMP. They always say that solid waste management and animal waste processing is their priority, but has not shown any keen interest in promoting the concept. The file returned from BBMP council seven months ago, and since then we are trying to find out the reason for rejection," said Ajay Kumar, SWACHA project coordinator.

He further added that the garbage and waste collection and disposal is controlled by rich contractors who have formed a syndicate in BBMP. This mafia greatly influences the corporators who are members of the Council. "The animal waste processing plant with one tonne capacity in each ward was a viable option as it can save a lot of money. However, the mafia,  fearing the loss of money, influenced the council and they denied permission for scientific plants," he added.

Agreeing with Kumar, Ram Prasad, solid waste management activist and Friends of Lakes co-founder said the money spent on garbage processing by BBMP is close to ₹750 crores. "This is the highest in the country.  If such mini plants come up, the garbage contractor cannot make money as the quantity of garbage supplied and processed at big plants will be reduced.

More the quantity more the money and hence the mafia wants to scuttle any plans to minimise waste. They are putting barriers for any project that addresses the issue," he said. Since BBMP has failed to install plants, the animal waste is ending up in lakes, quarry pits, ponds, storm water drain and empty sites.

Parthiba Raja, Kuvempu ward corporation who initially had helped the initiative of the animal waste plant in his Ward says he has no clue about the progress of the proposal.

"I supported the project as I have a high number of poultry and meat shop in his ward. The project was passed by Assistant Executive Engineer, Superintendent Engineer and Joint Commissioner for Health but it failed to get  clearance in BBMP council.  The file must be in BBMP head office; I will get the documents and find out on what grounds the proposal copy and project was rejected," he said.