Mysuru Royal couple Yaduveer -Trishika and the 400-year-old curse

karnataka | Thursday, June 15th, 2017
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  • Mysuru Wodeyar family is said to be suffering due to the affects of a curse placed upon it in 1612 by Alamelamma
  • She is said to have cursed when soldiers tried to snatch her jewellery on the orders of the Mysuru king
  • Following her curse for 400 years now, Mysuru Wodeyar family doesn’t have children; only the adopted son has a child
  • Now, Yaduveer, the adopted son of late King Srikantadatta Wadiyar is expecting a child

For nearly four hundred years now, the Mysuru Royal family is said to be suffering due to the affects of a curse placed upon it in 1612 by Alamelamma, the wife of Shrirangaraya, king of Srirangapatna.

The story goes that Alamelamma is the devotee and Venkateshwara. She owned a huge collection of jewellery. Every year during the annual festival, Alamelamma gave her jewellery to the God to be decorated. Every year after the festival, the jewellery was returned to her.

It was told that Mysuru Wodeyars had an eye on this huge collection of jewellery owned by Alamelamma. When on the orders of Mysuru King, the soldiers of Mysuru kingdom tried to snatch the huge jewels that Alamelamma happened to be wearing on her person during a visit to Talakadu, a small temple village on the banks of the river Cauvery, she is said to have run to a cliff and cursed the Wodeyars “Talakadu MaraLagali, Malangi Maduvagali, Mysooru Arasarige Makkalaagadirali” (May Talakadu become a barren land, Malangi turn into a whirlpool and may Mysore kings never beget children). 

Choosing death before dishonour, she threw her nose ring into the river and leapt into the Cauvery to drown.

It has been 400 years since, and the direct Wadiyar dynasty has never had any children. Every alternate generation adopts a son, who has children, but their children never beget scions. In fact, Talakadu is submerged in the sand and has turned into a barren land, and Malangi has many whirlpools.

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Back in Wodeyar’s kingdom, Maharaja of the Mysuru Empire, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar and Pramoda Devi did not have any children. After the sudden death of King Srikantadatta Wadiyar, in December 2013, Pramoda Devi adopted Yaduveer Gopal Raje Urs as the king died even before naming a successor. Yaduveer was named as Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar after the adoption.

Yaduveer is the son of a niece, Rajakumari Tripurasundari Devi, of the late king Srikantadatta Wadiyar.

Yaduveer married Trishika Kumari, daughter of Harshvardhan Singh and Maheshree Kumari of Dungarpur Royal family on 27 June last year. Now, according to the latest news, Trishika is four-months pregnant.

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