In a shocking development, a 30-year-old woman and her two daughters were allegedly burnt alive near Mysuru by her husband and in-laws for failing to bear a male child.

The case finally came to light, after the woman's brother, gathered the courage to approach the police- three weeks after her suspicious death. According to a report, the incident took place in Rajanabelaguli village in Bettadapura police limits in Periyapatna taluk.

It was initially reported that Kusuma and her daughters Kavya (7) and Pranita (4) were found charred to death at their house in Rajanabelaguli on January 28. The family conducted the final rites on the same day.

The woman’s husband reportedly had told Yuvaraja, the deceased's brother, that his sister had committed suicide. However, when he was taken to the house, he found no evidence of any such incident taking place inside the house. Sensing that Yuvaraja was suspicious, the woman's husband Devaraj with the help of local elders coerced him to accept 20 gm of gold and Rs 15,000 to buy his silence, The New Indian Express reported.

However, after a few days, the brother approached the police and narrated the incident and told them that he suspected that his sister and her children were burnt alive in a fire pit located in the tobacco curing barn.

Kusuma reportedly was being harassed by her husband and her family for not bearing a male child. In fact, her first two daughters had died under mysterious circumstances within days after their birth.

An investigation has been launched.