Mysuru Mayor miffed at media for mocking his English, to file complaint

First Published 6, Oct 2017, 10:32 AM IST
Mysuru Mayor miffed at media for mocking his English to file complaint
  • Mysuru Mayor MJ Ravikumar is miffed at the criticism he is facing from people for his English,
  • In an interview, explaining the Dussera arrangements in Mysore, he gave an interview in English, which has been mocked at by the people on social media.
  • To this, Ravikumar lashes back saying that he did nothing wrong and that he is just learning a language.

Constant criticism for his English proficiency on social media has angered Mysuru Mayor M J Ravikumar. A 72-second video clip, where he explains a reporter about the Dasara arrangements, has gone viral on social media like Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook. Many have asked him why he didn't answer in Kannada and criticised him for his non-proficiency in English.

To this, speaking to the TOI, he answered, "I have done no wrong or said anything wrong. I know Kannada and attempting to speak in English shows I'm learning a new language."

However, what has miffed the mayor even more are the half-witted comments that have been attached with the video. He said, "They are insulting the mayor of Mysuru. I'm thinking of filing criminal complaints against those circulating the clip with half-witted remarks."

Talking about the interview, following the inauguration of Dasara Darshana buses last week, Ravikumar said, "I told the reporter to ask questions in Kannada. But she told me to speak in English only as it's an English news channel. I told her I don't know English but she insisted I speak in English."

Thereafter, the video clip went viral with the tagline 'The Mysore Mayor Englishuu'. Many have also called it a murder of English, in a direct criticism of the Mayor. He, however, said, "I'm learning English and even subscribe to English newspapers and read them. But such comments will lower our confidence when it comes to learning new languages. I've done good work for the city. Why are they not uploading such work online or circulating it through WhatsApp?"