The death of Edward Joubert Van Ingen (101) the famous taxidermist British who lived in Mysuru all his life, had created a lot of curiosity as several complaints were lodged with regard to cheating and fraud of his property by his supposedly adopted son.  The CID police have arrested Dr N Chandrashekhar (63) director, Adithya Hospital, for giving false death certificate and tampering with medical records of Van Ingen, reported Kannada Prabha.

Edward Joubert Van Ingen had died on March 10, 2013 and doctors had treated him before that.  The doctors had confirmed that he had died at 5.30 am.  However, Dr N Chandarshekhar had changed the death certificate and issued a new certificate stating that Ingen had died on March 11 at 12.30 at night.  This was to facilitate Eshwar, the man who cheated on his property worth crores. Dr Chandrashekhar had also destroyed the medical records to facilitate Eshwar, who had lured him with huge money.  The exact reason why Eshwar asked Dr Chandrashekhar to issue fake death certificate is not known but he was paid a lot of money to do so. The doctor has confessed to it.

The CID police are conducting the investigations as Supreme Court’s orders and have submitted the FIR to the court.  The FIR details the cheating done to Ingen. Further investigations are on.

Edward Joubert Ingen arrived in Mysuru from Britain prior to independence and stayed back after independence. His bungalow Bisle Monti is worth crores now.  He was a famous taxidermist whose works are all over the world.  He was not married. He came into contact with one Michael Floyd in 2005 who was a horse trainer at Mysuru Race Course.  Floyd first cheated Ingen when he ‘helped’ in selling a property. Later he termed himself Ingen’s adopted son and cheated him of property over Rs 200 crores. Finally he forced Ingen to transfer the bungalow in which he was living and shut Ingen in the dog’s shed. 

In 2013, on March 2 Edward Ingen had gone to Nazarbad police station along with a relative to lodge a complaint but the police refused to register the complaint.  However, the day Ingen died the police registered the complaint but the original complaint has gone missing.  Even the FIR is fault ridden. CID in its FIR has mentioned that all violations are done to help Eshwar.  The involvement of police with Eshwar is beyond doubt.