A polarising Facebook page called Mangalore Muslims has recently been in the news for criticising a Muslim girl for singing a Hindu devotional song in a Kannada musical reality show. 

The page has again criticised a few Muslim girls, this time for celebrating Raksha Bandhan.

The page had earlier criticised Suhana Sayed, a 22-year-old singer from Shivamogga, for singing a Hindu devotional song. “Being a Muslim, having a Muslim name and wearing hijab, ignoring the principles of Islam and presenting your beauty in front of other men is not an achievement. A lot of young children learn the Quran by-heart. You are turning out to be a role model for other Muslim girls in a wrong way. You do not have the right to wear the burqa,” read the post on Suhana’s singing.

On August 10, 2017, they posted a picture of a boy allegedly tying a rakhi to a hijab clad girl and another picture of a few girls allegedly tying rakhi to males.

The page claimed that tying a rakhi on a man is against the principles of Islam, reported the Bangalore Mirror.

The post also talks about getting Muslim girls married early. “Why do families send their children to college? Can’t they get them married at the age of 18? Is college necessary for Muslims or is Islamic education important? What are they trying to achieve by sending them to college? After marriage, they are supposed to work at the husband’s house. Still, the parents trust them and send them to college but don’t these girls have common sense. Today, they tied a rakhi and tomorrow they might tie a thali (Ceremonial thread tied during a Hindu marriage). Hasn’t Allah blessed them with brains?” said the post in Kannada.

The police stated that it would look into the matter at the earliest.