Bengaluru's Shanthinagar MLA NA Haris's son Mohammed Nalapad, accused of assaulting Vidvat after a brawl at UB City is currently in police custody till February 21. However, Suvarna reports claim that Nalapad was given royal treatment in the police station.

Suvarna reports state that Nalapad was given 1100 Nokia handset for his use. He was given a burger to eat. It is also said that Sub Inspector of Police, Girish, visited the Cubbon Park Police station and allegedly allowed Nalapad to sleep in his chamber. However, one of the officials related to this case has said that the allegations are false. 

PSI Girish is also said to have arranged for a grand dinner for Nalapad from a reputed hotel in Gandhi Bazar.

Meanwhile, it is also said that the statements given by Nalapad and his associates are contradictory. His father MLA Harris is said to have apologised for the embarrassment caused by his son to the party. He tendered his apologies in the session, today.